Your Contribution

Give The Gift Of Education

100 % of your tax-deductible donation will go towards scholarships and the development of new schools and innovative programs designed to meet the educational needs of the tens of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children.

For example, the cost of investments are:


  • Single classroom construction – $800
  • Single classroom supplies – $300
  • Sewing machine – $100
  • Secondary Student Scholarship- $50

Our goal is to provide full scholarships for members of our student body for the entire course of their education. 250 students have already returned to school or started school for the first time as a result of this incredible opportunity.

Please donate today; the needs of these children are immediate, and it is such an easy thing to forget to do.

Volunteer or Intern

If you are interested in volunteering with the Fund here in the US or learning more about our International Educator Internship Program to do work hands-on in Goma, please contact us at