About the Fund

Inspired by the generosity of American friends, GSF was established in 2002 to create educational opportunities for children in the town of Goma, as it rebuilds in the wake of a 12-year civil war and 2002 volcanic eruption. Since then, it has grown in size and strength and currently draws upon the resources, expertise, and commitment of both its Congolese and American Board of Directors to manage the growing staff, student body, volunteer activities, and range of programs.

Current Programs

  • GSF’s 1st K-12 school, in Goma Town, which is provides high quality education to 600 students.
  • GSF’s 2nd K-6 school, at the Mugunga Refugee camp, provides high quality education to 320 students
  • International Educator Internship Program: 15 American educators and professionals have worked as interns in Goma for anywhere from 2-4 months, teaching students, training teachers, or support program development and operations.
  • Partnership with Mawehai: Both GSF schools partner with this agricultural development program which educates students and their families about how to reclaim land that was destroyed by the volcano through composting, animal husbandry, and gardening.
  • Adult Literacy Classes in French and Swahili
  • sewing

  • Partnership with a local Orphanage
  • Summer Training Workshops in Sewing, English, and Theater
  • Teacher Training Workshops in instruction, assessment, and equity issues

Projects Underway

The GSF Mugunga Educational Center completed construction of the Primary School on the outskirts of Goma where refugees have been living for over ten years and where new refugees arrive daily. The staff and parent committee have big dreams for what this Educational Center can offer. Future projects include:

  • Trade schools in carpentry or sewing
  • Bakery – for parents to work to pay for school fees in-kind
  • Expanded partnership with Mawehai so that all families can receive livestock and animals to support them in their livelihood and, consequently, in paying their school fees
  • Technology Center for student and adult use
  • Library
  • Expanded Community Outreach and Partnerships
  • Additional Teacher Training and Summer Workshops led by international educator interns

A Unique Opportunity for Investment

Donations to the GSF are truly investments, creating schools and programs that are locally managed and implemented. The American staff that travel to Goma, Congo, to help manage the school take no salary or expenses from the fund. Trained teachers will get back into the classroom, families will have access to educational opportunities for their children, and community members a space to gather, organize and learn.

International Educator Internship Program
If you are interested in travelling to Goma to support the work hands-on, you may participate in our International Educator Internship Program. If accepted to the program, you will work with the Executive Director to develop an internship project. You will also be supported with pre-service training, placement with a school or program, and ongoing support from GSF staff throughout your internship. Please email: info@gomastudentfund.org for more details.